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Stucco FAQ


What is a good source for information on Stucco performance guidelines?
Answer: The book Titled “California Building Performance Guildelines” addresses many of these issues.

California Building Performance Guidelines for Residential Construction and Homeowner Maintenance Guide
2006 Edition
Written by: David E. MacLellan with George E. Wolfson, AIA
Published by : MacLellan Media, Inc. 2006

What manuals and reference books are available for applying stucco?

  • Portland Cement Plaster Stucco Resource Guide
    Published by: Northwest Wall & Ceiling Bureau
  • Portland Cement Plaster Stucco Manual
    Written by: John M. Melander, James A. Farney, and Albert W. Isberner, Jr.
    Published by: Portland Cement Association, 2004

  • Plaster and Drywall Systems Manual
  • (This is old but still a good reference)
    Written by: J.R. Gorman, Sam Jaffe, Walter F. Pruter, and James J. Rose
    Published by BNI Books, Division of Building News, Inc.1988